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6 CH Receiver + 6 Wireless Cameras CCTV System ! supa spy cams


6 CH Receiver + 6 Wireless Cameras CCTV System

One receiver controls six wireless cameras ! Perfect for DIY home security system !

Our price : $ 350.00 (Shipping is free!)

Wireless video just got a lot easier and exciting with this latest model six-cameras CCTV system. Featuring six wireless cameras with stylish and tough metal case, one 6 CH wireless receiver, you can simply sit back and relax when you monitor all the action. The six cameras wirelessly transmits the LIVE COLOUR video back to the TV for monitoring, and or a VCR for recording! Camera channel can be easily changed at the touch of your finger. It can be set to "manual" mode or "auto" mode to rotate video image form the six cameras automatically. With this CCTV camera system you can easily set up a home security system.

This camera kit is absolutely value for money with compact and robust design features, six wireless cameras with transmitter built-in, one 6 CH wireless receiver.

The working voltage range is DC+8V. We recommend you also purchase from us six power supplies specifically built for these cameras and receiver. The camera will work with your own power suply, however, the input voltage must not exceed DC+10V and the current no more than 250MA.

Typical Applications For This System:
  • Nanny camera and baby monitoring.
  • Front door - who's knocking?
  • Backyard - who's prowling around?
  • Small business surveillance
  • Home security surveillance
  • Great for any application requiring small size and portable battery use
  • Covert operation


  • Camera apparatus: 1/3 1/4 picture sensor
  • Validity pixel: PAL: 628*582 NTSC: 510*492
  • Horizontal definition: 380 lines
  • Focus: Manual adjustable from 30 mm to Infinity
  • Horizontal Viewing Angle: 50 Degree.
  • Weight: Camera each weights 20gram
  • Size: 20 X 20 X 20 (mm)
  • RF Power: 300mW
  • Camera frequency is locked into the receiver.
  • Receiver requires 12V 500mA DC.
  • Receiver size: 115x75x25(mm)
  • Receives frequency: 0.9G/1.2G

Packages includes all items below:

  • 6 wireless COLOUR Cameras as in picture.
  • One 6 CH Wireless Receiver
  • Six battery clips.
  • RCA cable
  • One Instruction Manual

Please note power supply or battery are not included with camera/receiver unless stated otherwise. We recommend you include power supplies in your order.

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